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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Buffett Rule Would Impact ... 4,000 Taxpayers? -- by Jim Geraghty, National Review

If the “Buffett Rule” would only impact 4,000 Americans, could we just contact those 4,000 taxpayers individually and ask them to voluntarily kick in some extra to pay down the debt? I’ll bet a bunch of them would do that. In fact, I’ll bet the president can ask them directly, in person, as almost certainly a bunch of them can be found at Obama’s $35,800-per-head fundraisers.*

This Bloomberg News report notes that about 4,000 Americans reported incomes exceeding $1 million and paying a 15 percent tax rate.

Of the top 400 earners, 66 percent paid more than the 15 percent that is considered the average of a secretary.

* $35,800 is the maximum an individual can donate in one cycle ($2,500 to the candidate’s campaign for the primary, $2,500 to the candidate’s campaign for the general election, and $30,800 to the national committee total for the cycle, but Obama and his allies have found a way to permit candidates to give even more:
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