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Monday, November 19, 2012

Petraeus schools the White House -- By Joseph Curl, The Washington Times

 That didn’t take long.

Ever since CIA Director David H. Petraeus resigned, one question has risen above all others: Why? Yes, he had an affair with a woman 20 years his junior (quite the mentor), but hey, there was once a top federal official who had sex with an intern his daughter's age right in the White House Oval Office, and he didn't step down. So, why the retired general?

There's an easy answer: Mr. Petraeus is a man of honor, even with his rather sizable transgression, and he felt he could no longer lead a team of men who put their lives on the line for America every day. Even though the West Point graduate had devoted his entire life to serving the U.S. — from an infantry officer to commander of the 101st Airborne Division to a four-star general in charge of Central Command and the surges in Iraq and Afghanistan — he could see no way forward with his integrity compromised.

But that simply doesn't add up. It's the 21st century and Americans are a forgiving people, even for such a personal lapse. In the case of President Bill Clinton, Americans were angry — more, disgusted — but they looked past the man's misdeed, labeled it a personal matter between him and his wife, and moved on. Most likely, they would have done the same with Mr. Petraeus, after a period of public shaming.

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