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Monday, October 7, 2013

Campaign finance, union cases highlight new Supreme Court term -- By Sean Lengell, The Washington Examiner

The Supreme Court kicks off its 2013-14 season this week by reviewing a case that could lead to more money flowing into federal elections, while cases involving workplace disputes, union influence and copyright issues will fill the court's docket in the coming months.

Justices are expected to hear about 70 cases this term, which will run through June. And while the government shutdown could slow down their work, the high court said it expects to operate as normal at least through Friday.

The campaign finance case, which the justices will hear Tuesday, has been compared with the historic "Citizens United" decision in which the Supreme Court in 2010 struck down most limits on corporate and union spending in elections on the grounds they violated First Amendment guarantees of free speech.

But Citizens United didn't touch campaign contribution limits for individuals. And lead plaintiff Shaun McCutcheon wants many of those restrictions gone as well.

Federal law currently says that during a two-year-election cycle, individuals can't give more than $48,600 to all candidates for federal office, and no more than $74,600 to national party committees that make contributions to candidates.

McCutcheon, a prominent Republican donor from Alabama, says the total $123,200 cap is unfair. The Republican National Committee has joined him in his fight.

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