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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

China's Reaction to the US Government Shutdown - Gimme Some! -- Posted at: Capitalistexploits.at, Posted at Zero Hedge

The US government had a plan to counter the rapidly growing dominance of China in the Asia Pacific region. The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) was Washington's grand plan to push through a 12 nation trade pact. This was part of a broader “Pivot to Asia” policy unveiled back in 2011.

The APEC and ASEAN summits were to be Washington's chance to push forward and become a bigger player in Asia. The reasons are obvious. The US wants to enmesh itself more deeply into Asia, the fastest-growing economic region in the world today.

Furthermore, Washington wishes to counter the rapidly growing influence of both Russia, but especially China throughout what is the largest emerging market region in the world today.

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Alas it was not to be. Instead Obama was grounded from playing with the other kids and forced to stay home, presiding instead over squabbling bureaucrats, all the while trying to keep Obamacare alive, and the debt ceiling from crashing down on his presidency.

As embarrassing as his presidency has been thus far, and to be sure it has been incredibly embarrassing, losing Obamacare AND defaulting on the US's debt would be...well, his Opus!

Instead of attending the APEC summit, and the ASEAN summit which follows closely on its heels, Obama sent his "brother from another mother", the increasingly inept and politically sterile, John “it was a rhetorical statement” Kerry.

Anyone who has spent any length of time in Asia and done business here knows the unspoken rule. “Face” is extremely important. Failing to show up for an important meeting and sending a "lesser" in your place is considered insulting and rude. Little will likely be said in public about this, but the repercussions are typically far less subtle. Rest assured business deals will continue to be struck...just expect these to
increasingly exclude Washington.

Obama's policy of “Pivot Asia” rests on increasing military presence in the region, beginning with a much vaunted 2,500 marines to be stationed in Northern Australia by 2017. I find it interesting that the “pivot Asia” policy is led by military deployment.

This "investment" will cost $1.6 billion, and that's just to build housing for the marines. If previous government "projected costs" are anything to go by, this expense will likely balloon. One does have to wonder how barracks for 2,500 marines can possibly cost $1.6 billion (for those without a calculator handy, that's $640,000 PER MARINE!). I hope those are damn nice barracks Mr. Obama! Oh, you poor US taxpayers. When is enough going to be enough?

But, fear not...the debt ceiling will be raised to accommodate for this...and much, much more.
When one considers investing or buying a business it's obvious that in order to be more profitable you need to curtail expenses as much as possible while generating more revenues at the same time. Common sense stuff, right?

While Washington's strategy involves spending money (the military doesn't actually produce, they consume - unless you count blowing things up so friends of the politicos at Halliburton and Bechtel can rebuild it all with taxpayer dollars), which does more to antagonize the locals than bring willing reciprocal trade, we watch China leading with investment and business relationships.

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