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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chuck Todd Roasts Obamacare Website: ‘Unbelievable’ They ‘Blew It This Badly’ -- The Washington Free Beacon Staff

MSNBC host Chuck Todd ripped the Obamacare website’s major glitches Monday on The Daily Rundown, wondering how the administration “blew it this badly” on its signature legislation.

“By any measure, it was a rough first week for enrollment under the Affordable Care Act,” he said. “The Obama administration is trying to stress the positive, claiming at least nine million visitors checked out the website before it went down for maintenance Friday night, but web traffic problems like this are undermining the entire process.”

Todd did not hold back as he asked the National Journal‘s Ron Fournier how the site had been fouled up so badly, besought with error messages, delays and glitches.

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