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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dr. Ben’s prescription for shutdown pain -- By Ben S. Carson, The Washington Times

A few weeks ago, I arrived from Europe at one of the Washington area's international airports. The wait in the customs line approached an hour, because there was only one customs agent working as more than 20 of the booths stood empty.

I was told by a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent that this was a result of sequestration and it was designed to inflict maximum inconvenience on travelers so they would realize no part of the federal budget can be cut without horrible consequences. In similar fashion, the current government shutdown over disagreements about Obamacare has caused many "nonessential" governmental workers to be furloughed.

It would not be unreasonable to ask this question: In order to cope with a federal debt close to $17 trillion, why is the government furloughing TSA and customs agents, preventing children from taking White House tours and generally doing everything it can to inflict pain and discomfort on the American people when it could have simply trimmed nonessential personnel and services from the budget with little or no inconvenience? The latter solution would make much more sense, even if we trimmed personnel by attrition, which would certainly be my preference. Over the course of time, it would make a tremendous difference not only for today, but for our progeny as well.

Those who feel that the opposition to Obamacare is similar to the kind of disagreements that have resulted in threats of government shutdown in the past need to realize that this new governmental initiative affects one-sixth of our entire economy. It also represents one of the most dramatic alterations of federal policy impacting all of our lives in history. Those attempting the well-rehearsed radical tactic of demonizing anyone who opposes them should instead consider the tried-and-true practice of civil discussion and compromise; that is, unless they don't think they are capable of defending their positions in an open and honest conversation.

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