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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ex-Secret Service agent charges 'pattern' of drunkenness by traveling Obama aides -- By Paul Bedard, The Washington Examiner

Photo - Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino with President Obama.A former Secret Service agent who spent three years at President Obama’s side is claiming in a new book that White House staff regularly got drunk at “wheels-up” parties overseas, acting just as badly as agents fired for their involvement in a foreign booze-and-prostitution scandal last year.

Dan Bongino, who quit the service in 2011 to run as a Republican in the Maryland Senate race, charged that he witnessed Obama staffers boozing at parties in foreign nations after Air Force One was “wheels up” and the president headed for home. The parties bring together U.S. and foreign staff involved in presidential trips.

“The only bad behavior I ever witnessed at these events was by intoxicated White House staff,” wrote Bongino, who expressed dismay at how the agents fired in the Colombian sex scandal were treated by the president.

“I felt the president's harsh words were inappropriate,” he said of Obama's comments about the 2012 scandal involving agents advancing an Obama trip to Cartagena. “He failed to acknowledge that this was was a pattern of behavior that was not uncommon among his own staff members within the White House.”

 In the upcoming “Life Inside the Bubble,” provided in advance to Secrets, the 12-year agent added: “I assure you, if the same level of investigative scrutiny was applied to the White House staff members conducting advance work as was applied to the Secret Service, the results would not be flattering.”

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