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Monday, October 7, 2013

Panic in the streets -- Editorial, The Washington Times

There’s nothing heroic in shooting an unarmed woman

News from Twitter, Facebook and live television is often not much more reliable than news from the gossips and the town crier. We didn't learn our lesson from the pursuit of "white men driving white vans" during the Beltway sniper terror a decade ago, or the "multiple shooters" with AR-15 rifles said to be terrorizing the Washington Navy Yard last month. Rumors, tales and frantic gossip flew again during the Capitol lockdown Thursday.

Throughout much of the day, the capital buzzed with word of an "active shooter" on the loose. Hundreds of cops of various agencies swarmed the Capitol, clad in bulletproof vests, sniper rifles and fully automatic carbines at the ready. The Secret Service had something that looked like a grenade launcher. No government shutdown here.

Police spokesmen stepped up to the cameras to talk about shots that "were fired," and an "exchange of fire," with careful use of the passive voice to conceal the identity of those doing the shooting. Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California and Mayor Mike Bloomberg of New York stood by, eager to get in camera range. Their gun-control hopes were dashed when they learned that the only men and women with guns were wearing badges. They would have to wait for another tragedy.

The city slowly learned that the sad events began when a woman of questionable sanity ran into trouble on 15th and E streets, outside "the White House perimeter." She wasn't a terrorist, and she was armed with nothing more dangerous than a small daughter in the back seat. Her car struck a barrier, and Secret Service agents popped up to block her way. She was not a threat to the executive mansion, but her car hit an officer, and that mistake likely sealed her doom.

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