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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Squirrels go nuts for the First Lady's tomatoes as the crops go unprotected now federal gardeners are furloughed -- By Ashley Collman, DailyMail.co.uk

Shutdown spread: With federal gardeners on furlough, squirrels are running rampant in the White House garden eating up all the ripe produce While neither Republicans or Democrats are winning in the government shutdown, there is one group that's having a field day: the White House squirrels.

The government shutdown coincided with the White House garden's harvest season, and since much of the staff that tends to the garden has been furloughed the crop has gotten out of control.

The staff that were allowed to stay are only allowed to water the plants. Triming, fetrilizing, transplanting, mowing and harvesting are all off limits.

This has been good news for the White House's wildlife, which includes a group of already troublesome squirrels.

'The bushy-tailed residents are feasting on the ripe Sungolds on the vines, as well as on other tomatoes and peppers littering the ground,' Eddie Gehman Kohan wrote on her blog Obama Foodorama.

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