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Thursday, October 10, 2013

UK spy chief: Guardian "has handed a gift to terrorists" -- By Jihad Watch

The spy chief: MI5 director-general Andrew Parker has blasted the Guardian's publication of Britain's espionage capabilities (Photo -- Spy chief, MI5 director-general Andrew Parker has blasted the Guardian's publication of Britain's espionage capabilities)

No surprise here. The Guardian has been defaming counter-jihadists and justifying jihad terror and Islamic supremacism for years. All this represents is an escalation of their war on freedom and human rights. "'Guardian has handed a gift to terrorists', warns MI5 chief: Left-wing paper's leaks caused 'greatest damage to western security in history' say Whitehall insiders," by James Slack for the Daily Mail, October 9:

A massive cache of stolen top-secret documents published in The Guardian has handed a ‘gift’ to terrorists, the head of MI5 warned last night.

In a blistering attack, Andrew Parker said the publication of confidential files leaked by US fugitive Edward Snowden had caused huge ‘harm’ to the capability of Britain’s intelligence services.

Security officials say the exposé amounts to a ‘guide book’, advising terrorists on the best way to avoid detection when plotting an atrocity.

In Whitehall, it is considered to have caused the greatest damage to the Western security apparatus in history. In his first public speech since taking the job earlier this year, Mr Parker said the leaks handed the ‘advantage’ to terrorists and were a ‘gift they need to evade us and strike at will’.

He said there were several thousand Islamist extremists living in the UK who ‘see the British people as a legitimate target’.

The security services were working round the clock to stop the fanatics, but MI5 was now ‘tackling threats on more fronts than ever before’.

Snowden, a former contractor for the National Security Agency, fled the US in May with thousands of classified documents about the NSA and GCHQ, which he gave to The Guardian.

The newspaper has since published tens of thousands of words on the secret techniques used by GCHQ to monitor emails, phone records and communications on the internet.

The first Guardian revelations came in early June, when it detailed how the NSA – which supplies intelligence to GCHQ, the organisation which gathers intelligence for MI5 and MI6 – had ‘direct access’ to the computer systems of AOL, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Paltalk, Skype, Yahoo and YouTube.

The newspaper also revealed how GCHQ has access to a network of cables carrying international phone calls and internet traffic and is processing vast amounts of ‘personal information’.
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