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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Obamacare Navigators Counsel Applicants to “Lie”

Today Project Veritas released a new investigation exposing Obamacare navigators counseling applicants to lie about their income and deceive the IRS, commit fraud on applications by not reporting full health history, and more.

“This investigation shows just how vulnerable Obamacare is to fraud,” said James O’Keefe.

“Taxpayers loose billions due to Medicare fraud and there is a clear possibility of billions more being wasted under a government-run health care system costing taxpayers $1.7 trillion.”
This is just the first video in a series of Obamacare investigations to be released in the coming weeks.

 Watch as Obamacare navigators counsel a Project Veritas undercover journalist how to lie and cheat the federal government.

 This is just the first video uncovering the plethora of fraud already being committed just weeks after Obamacare’s rollout.

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