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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

China 'monitored' US flights over disputed islands in East China Sea -- By Tom Phillips and Julian Ryall, The Telegraph.co.uk

China has said it is aware of two US B-52 bombers, which flew over the disputed Senkaku/Daiyou islands, 'in a direct challenge' to China's new air defence zone

A group of disputed islands, Uotsuri island , Minamikojima and Kitakojima, known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China is seen in the East China SeaChina’s defence ministry has said it had “monitored” and “identified” two US B-52 nuclear bombers that flew through Beijing’s controversial new air defence zone on Monday in defiance of the Asian giant.
China’s self-declared “Air Defense Identification Zone” (ADIZ), which includes the skies over islands disputed by China and Japan, was unveiled on Saturday with Chinese military chiefs vowing to enforce it with "emergency defensive measures".
But on Monday the United States defied Chinese attempts to impose its new rules by flying two unarmed aircraft through the zone without identifying themselves to Chinese authorities as Beijing had demanded.
A Whitehouse spokesman labelled China’s move, which has also been condemned by South Korea and Japan, as “unnecessarily inflammatory”.
There was limited immediate reaction from the Chinese government on Wednesday after Monday’s US flights were reported. 

In a brief statement, Geng Yansheng, a military spokesperson said: "The Chinese air force monitored the entire course and identified [the aircraft] in a timely way, ascertaining that they were US aircraft.”

"The Chinese side has the ability to effectively manage and control the relevant airspace," the statement added.

But Sun Zhe, the head of the Centre for US-China Relations at Beijing’s prestigious Tsinghua University, condemned Monday's flights as an “open provocation from the US” that had been deliberately designed to “embarrass” China’s leaders.

“The US' provocation threatens to turn the conflict between China and Japan into a conflict between China and the US,” Prof Sun told The Telegraph, predicting that further “provocations” would compel China to “strike back” so as not to appear weak at home or abroad.
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