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Friday, November 1, 2013

House Is About To Cave On The Farm Bill -- By streiff, RedState

farm-subsidiesLast week I wrote on the perils facing an opposition party, especially an opposition party that only controls one half of one branch of government and has a leadership that seems mostly composed of ninnies [Obamacare and the Governing Trap]. Today we have yet another example of what happens to conservative principles when they come into close contact with the good governance types.

This particular example comes from the way the farm bill is shaping up.

Most Americans don’t care much about the farm bill as most of us don’t farm and live far enough removed from farming that we have stopped associating eating with farming.

The farm bill consists of two parts. Part one, and this is the part that is most interest to the Ruling Class,  is baksheesh to various American agricultural interests. Part two is the federal food stamp program (also known as the Supplemental Nutrional Assistance Program or SNAP).

Some of the programs I don’t have a problem in principle with, for instance, federal crop insurance. Others are nonsensical. Good, bad, or indifferent  parts aside, the Farm Bill is used as a vehicle to pay billions of dollars to political constituencies leaving the American people with little to show for it but the tab.

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