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Friday, November 1, 2013

Immigration Reform: One Tiny Step at a Time -- By streiff, RedState

immigrationThe next challenge facing the conservatives will be the comprehensive immigration bill so beloved of Democrats and the Ruling Class. The ardor to pursue this has diminished since the horror of Obamacare has become evident but the desire is still there:
As attention returns to immigration legislation, one of its Senate advocates says it will take some public pressure to advance it through the House.
“I’m hopeful that the business community in particular will be more active, and the evangelical community, and the manufacturers and the farm growers,” Sen. John McCain, an Arizona Republican who was among a bipartisan group of senators who pushed a comprehensive plan through the Senate this year, told reporters. “A coalition was assembled behind this legislation the likes of which has never been assembled.”
McCain said the outside groups have failed to push hard enough on the legislation.
“They’ve got to be more active to put pressure on these members of Congress to pass something,” he said after an event at the City Club of Chicago. “Just pass something, then we’ll go to conference with it.”
Although 2014 is an election year, McCain said it’s possible that some lawmakers could be more supportive of the legislation, if they clear primary challenges in the spring and early summer.
“Just pass something.”

Rarely have more stupid words been spoken, except by John McCain at any given press availability. What McCain is advocating is that Senators and Representatives abrogate their responsibility to their constituents and to the nation and turn the nation’s immigration policy over to whatever “Gang of [your number here]” McCain and Lindsay Graham belong to this week.

Conservatives should take a pass on McCain’s advice and on voting on this bill.

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