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Friday, November 15, 2013

President Obama’s Chernobyl-Like Meltdown -- By Jim Geraghty, National Review

Did you catch Obama’s Thursday press conference? If you are not a fan of this president, you may want to put aside some time and watch it. More specifically, you’ll really want to watch it if you’ve been wondering when the rest of the world would see the same guy you’ve been seeing since, oh, 2007 or so . . . in over his head, out of touch with the real world, banal in his off-the-cuff remarks, and unable to distinguish between good intentions and genuine results.

Sure, Obama’s remarks drag on interminably, but there’s something revealing in those hapless, meandering, slow remarks. Our Charlie Cooke said Obama looked “broken.” Sometime in the past day or so, the mobile bubble of happy-talk was pierced, and he’s starting to realize the scope and depth of the mess he’s in, and how unlikely he is to get out of this mess for the remainder of his presidency.

Ultimately, his big idea doesn’t work. It began with a promise he never could have kept (insurance policies aren’t carved in stone). It advanced through a smoke-and-mirrors p.r. campaign obscuring the taxes, the regulations, and the considerable trade-offs. His idea was greatly complicated by the epic failure of a website he was completely convinced was ready. But even if the website stopped crashing, Obamacare would ultimately run afoul of one or more of the other lurking problems: disinterest among the young, sticker shock among buyers, lack of cyber-security, and the threat of identity theft.

Americans are starting to realize who the biggest losers under Obamacare are: “in good health, relatively young, with moderate to high incomes, and not receiving health insurance through work.” People like Kirsten Powers. These folks haven’t done anything wrong, and they’ve made the responsible choice to buy health insurance even though they don’t get it through their employer. And they’re getting punished for making that responsible choice. As Powers noted, “There's no explanation for the doubling of my premiums other than the fact that it's subsidizing other people.”

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