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Monday, November 18, 2013

Seattle’s ‘Universal Preschools’ Include ‘Strong-Arming’ Pre-K Day Care Providers Into Unionizing -- By LaborUnionReport, RedState

Mike McGinn
Seattle Mayor Mike MkGinn, a former community organizer whose wife was arrested earlier this month for taking part in a union-sponsored protest that stormed GOP offices, has been attempting to ‘strong arm’ Seattle’s preschools and child care providers into unionizing, according to the Seattle Times.

Announcing his Universal Preschool plan in late September, many may not have realized that his second bullet-point item to “[s]tabilize the pre-kindergarten teacher profession to ensure more children thrive in a stable environment for learning and care” meant that he wanted to unionize pre-kindergarten teachers.

While the city is “not requiring” unionization, McGinn’s Universal Preschool program seems to be modeled after a hybrid form of a project labor agreement–the type that is found in the construction industry in that, in exchange for funding, McGinn wants preschools to establish card-check procedures to unionize them, as well as promises ‘labor peace’ (i.e., no strikes–which wouldn’t normally happen unless there is a union present anyway).

If the preschools do not agree to meet with unions by December 1st, McGinn is threatening to withhold funding from them.

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