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Friday, November 1, 2013

Spoiled baby boomers infest self-indulgent White House -- By Wesley Pruden, The Washington Times

The Obama White House suffers from "the '60s disease." The affliction seems to be terminal. The president's men — and women — are mostly boomers, spoiled, greedy and self-centered, nurtured and indulged in the decade of the 1960s, when the culture first began to rot.

The boomers taught each other many things, how to turn up the volume on their "music," where to find the best pot and where to crash to smoke themselves into mellow stupefaction, how to avoid taking responsibility for their blunders, and above all contempt for the nation's institutions and in particular for the men and women who wear the uniform.

The Clintons made no bones about their contempt for that uniform, even after Bubba took Hillary to the White House, where she treated her bodyguards like servants and the assorted White House military aides no better. Bubba had spent his youth dodging the draft and wore his contempt for the suckers who went to Vietnam as if it were the Medal of Honor, which he didn't know much about except that it comes with a colorful ribbon. Bubba as the commander in chief finally learned to return a military salute without sticking his thumb in his eye, but it took awhile. Khaki still makes Hillary's nose wrinkle, as if she smells something on the bottom of her shoe.

Barack Obama mostly grew up abroad and never learned much about America, and it shows. As an impressionable young man, he hung out with the likes of Bill Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist bomber, and was mentored by scruffy Marxists who drifted in and out of the house, teaching him that his country — America, not Indonesia — wasn't worth much, but with a lot of work it might be transformed into something as noble as the People's Republics of Lower Volta or Upper Slobbovia. But the military must always be kept on a short leash.

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