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Monday, December 16, 2013

Capital dysfunction -- By Robert Knight, The Washington Times

 (Illustration by Alexander Hunter, The Washington Times)

Illustration by Alexander Hunter for The Washington TimesWhen Democrats throw a tantrum, Republicans cower in the corner

Baseball and football fans know that when coaches chew out umpires and referees, there's little chance that the questionable call will be overturned — especially in baseball. In many cases, though, that's not the intent. The idea is to intimidate the umpire into giving them a better call the next time around.

I thought about that in October when the Democrats and media fomented massive outrage over the two-week, partial government shutdown. The crocodile tears were not really shed over the government employees, who were made whole in very short order after a taxpayer-funded furlough. It was about the next round, which just played out last week in budget negotiations.

The shell-shocked, shutdown-wary House Republicans scurried mightily to approve a budget deal last Thursday. The bill concocted by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, Wisconsin Republican, and Senate Budget Committee Chairman Patty Murray, Washington Democrat, increases federal spending, undoes part of the hard-earned sequestration cuts, and raises taxes on airline security and thus on airline passengers. What's not to like?

The rationale for this sorry deal is that "the Republican brand" got burned badly in the shutdown, so why risk blame for another one? By caving early, and for less than $100 billion in new spending, which is chump change in Washington, the GOP can instead put the horrors of Obamacare back on the front burner right through 2014.

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