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Monday, December 16, 2013

Christian Persecution Woldwide -- By Bruce Chapman, The American Spectator

The United Kingdom this month held what may turn out to be an historic debate on the topic of the growing persecution of Christians in the world. The debate — and an action agenda — should be picked up in the U.S.

Christians are targeted for persecution more than any other faith in our times. Evidence in the House of Commons debate cites 100,000 killings of Christians a year and millions of refugees. The UK government ministers' response to the evidence presented in the debate was somewhat defensive and certainly unimpressive. But that the Parliamentary debate took place at all should be a goad to complaisant members of Congress in America, not to mention the notably indifferent Obama Administration.

Citizens might want to ask their representatives over the Christmas break what exactly they are doing to spur the U.S. government to act in defense of persecuted Christians. They also might want to ask their pastors what their churches are doing.

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) and a few House members in Washington have made the issue a high priority, but the Senate is inactive on the subject and the White House declines to notice. What the issue lacks therefore is focused leadership.

It is easy, as government ministers in Britain tried to argue, that people of other faiths are persecuted in the world, too, and that by emphasizing the persecution of Christians the Government might hurt the cause of religious liberty. As various other debaters replied to the UK Government ministers, however, that line is a distraction. At some point human rights violations become too numerous to ignore.

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