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Friday, December 20, 2013

ECI: Obama Is ‘Harsher’ To Members Of Congress Than Iran -- PatDollard.com, The Weekly Standard

s-eci-010212Excerpted from WEEKLY STANDARD: The Emergency Committee for Israel released this statement following the White House’s threat to veto a bi-partisan Iran sanctions bill, which was introduced today in the Senate:

“A bipartisan group of Senators has introduced carefully considered legislation intended to prevent a nuclear Iran. The Obama administration immediately threatened to veto the legislation — and falsely accuses its sponsors of engaging in a rush to war. In fact the White House has responded in far harsher terms to these members of Congress than it has to an Iranian regime which continues to enrich uranium, prevent monitoring of its nuclear program, and still refuses to implement the Geneva agreement negotiated last month.

That is why members of Congress of both parties doubt Iranian claims of good faith — and why they are supporting legislation that makes clear Congress has its own red lines for any deal, and that there will be real consequences if Iran refuses to dismantle its nuclear program.”

The statement is signed by William Kristol, Gary Bauer, Noah Pollak, and Michael Goldfarb.

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