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Friday, December 13, 2013

GOP 2014 strategy: Attract minority votes, reinforce red state strongholds -- By Katie McHugh, The Daily Caller

GOP 2014 strategy: Attract minority votes, reinforce red state strongholdsRepublicans plan to target Hispanics and other minorities for votes while building stronger state parties to turn swing states red, The Daily Caller has learned.

GOP operatives and political staffers gathered in Washington, D.C. from Monday to Wednesday for the Republican National Committee’s political staff training conference, “The New GOP Model For Campaigns,” to hash out a winning strategy for the upcoming elections. The GOP plans to entrench grassroots organizers in Democratic-leaning communities to cultivate support from blacks and Hispanics, and buttress red state strongholds, which are key to not only maintaining a majority in the House, but retaking the Senate and presidency as well.

RNC Political Director Chris McNulty touted New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s recent re-election victory as a path forward for other Republicans: Christie held onto the governorship in a blue state thanks in part to inclusive campaign messaging, a strong “ground game” and bilingual phone banking.

Future Republican victories hinge on capturing the growing minority vote, McNulty said, according to a Daily Caller source at the conference.

“Minority engagement is the front line in the [fight for] House of Representatives,” McNulty said. ”We will know we’ve made it when we can elect Susana Martinez and a white Anglo guy anywhere.”

“We can have a transformative candidate,” he continued, but Democrats will hold the upper hand if the GOP does not “conduct outreach to minorities.”

McNulty’s predecessor and senior adviser to Christie Mike DuHaime also praised the power of bilingual messaging.

DuHaime said that Republicans “did not appreciate [the] transformational power” of Barack Obama’s presidency — and that Democrats enjoy the advantage of sharing the same ideological sympathies of the the American population at large, along with more successful voter registration efforts.

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