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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Grandma Obamacare -- By Jeffey Lord, The American Spectator

 Hillary as the Matriarch of Disaster.

You can call her Grandma.

Grandma Obamacare.

Hillary Clinton is the matriarch of the disaster that Americans now scorn as Obamacare. And helpfully for opponents, she was kind enough to detail her role in this unending rolling disaster. As it were, in chapter if not verse.

In fact, Mrs. Clinton’s 2003 memoir Living History, an autobiography that takes her from childhood to the U.S. Senate, can be viewed as something unique in the annals of candidate biographies.

Hillary Clinton’s book is a literary landmine. A self-detailed look at just where all those false promises — about keeping your doctor and your health insurance if you like it — originated. Coming on top of Clinton’s role in the Benghazi disaster and the laughable “reset” of relations with the Russians (the latter still laughing at American demands to return NSA leaker Edward Snowden to the U.S.), this ten-year old book serves as nothing if not a precise accounting of the liberal mind at work as it lays the intellectual foundation for one of the greatest disasters in recent American history.

A hat tip to talk radio’s Hugh Hewitt for noting that Mrs. Clinton was the “grandmother of Obamacare.” In the spirit of the holidays, then, it’s only fair to point out that as Americans go over the river and through the woods of Obamacare it is thanks to Hillary Clinton. Who, if she had had her way in 1993-1994, would have plunged Americans into this morass back well before Barack Obama was even a lowly Illinois State Senator.

So let’s take a tour of Mrs. Clinton’s role in all of this — as laid out specifically by Grandma Obamacare herself:
On January 2 [of 1993], Bill invited me and two guests to lunch in the President’s small study near the Oval Office…
So begins chapter eleven of Living History, titled simply if perhaps now regretfully as Health Care.

The two guests other than Hillary at that fateful lunch with Bill a mere five days after he took office were “Carol Rasco, the newly named White House domestic policy adviser who had served in Bill’s administration in Arkansas, and our old friend Ira Magaziner, a successful business consultant who had produced a ground breaking study on health care costs.”

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