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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Obama will extend amnesty for young illegals, says top White House aide -- By Neil Munro, The Daily Caller

Obama will extend amnesty for young illegals, says top White House aidePresident Obama will extend his mini-amnesty for young illegals, said Cecilia Muñoz, White House director of domestic policy.

“As long as this president” is in power, “you will be able to renew your deferred action,” Muñoz told one questioner during an online question-and-answer session on immigration conducted via Skype.

So far, Obama’s deputies have granted the two-year “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” amnesty to at least 567,563 illegals, giving them the right to get jobs in every state, get drivers’ licenses in some states, to enroll in school and to receive government aid. Only 21,162 illegals have been rejected. Roughly 11 million illegals are living in the United States.

Obama’s two-year amnesty will start timing out in 2014, shortly before the midterm elections.

Munoz’s promise of another mini-amnesty may torpedo the White House’s closed-door to push the House leadership to pass a very ambitious business-backed immigration bill, similar to the bill passed by the Senate in June.

Numerous GOP legislators already say they can’t strike an immigration bargain with Obama because they don’t trust him to enforce curbs on immigration. Also, polls show swing-voters strongly oppose provisions to boost the inflow of foreign workers.

Obama granted the mini-amnesty even though Congress voted down similar proposals. Roughly 20 million Americans are underemployed or unemployed. Wages have been stalled for several years, and many Americans are forced to take low-skill, low-wage jobs.

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