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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thanks To Reid Filibuster Kill, Obama Now Has 7-4 Majority On The Court That Has The Power To Overturn His Executive Orders -- PatDollard.com, PJ Tatler

Millett_0503_1-1Excerpted from PJ TATLER: Obama now has his 7-4 majority on the DC Circuit Court, the court that hears challenges to his executive actions. Today the US Senate confirmed Patricia Millett by a vote of 56-38. Millett is but the first of several appointees that Obama plans to move forward.

In the coming days, Senate Democrats plan to move on the nominations for Watt, Wilkins and Pillard as well as Jeh Johnson to lead the Department of Homeland Security and Janet Yellen to chair the Federal Reserve. It remains to be seen what — if any — retribution that Senate Republicans plan in reaction to the unilateral rules change. The GOP can deny Democrats consent to swiftly hold votes, which many believe is sure to happen. Republicans also can object to run-of-the-mill procedural requests, which could further bog down the chamber in partisanship. Keep Reading

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