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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

America leads from behind as Iran spits in our eye on nuke deal -- By Mark Tapscott, The Washington Examiner

Photo - (Thinkstock Image)Only in a Washington that "leads from behind" would American leaders hail a deal with an arch enemy to deny it a weapon of awful destructive power, only to have that foe declare the very same day that it will never stop its development of that terrible device.

Yesterday, President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry excitedly announced that Iran has agreed to begin observing the six-month interim nuclear deal on Monday, Jan. 20.

Kerry called it "a critical, significant step forward toward reaching a verifiable resolution that prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon."

A Potemkin deal

Kerry's statement doubtless sparked waves of laughter in Tehran since on Sunday, Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi said his country "will in no way, never, dismantle our centrifuges."

Centrifuges are the key here because they are used to generate weapons-grade uranium and, while Iran agreed to take its uranium stockpile a step away from that grade, the process can be reversed "in one day," Araghchi said.

Put another way, the interim deal is not merely a temporary agreement supposedly put in place while a permanent deal is negotiated, it's mere window dressing.

Barrasso presses sanctions case

Meanwhile, Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wy, continues moving towards securing a veto-proof majority in support of tougher sanctions against Iran.

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