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Thursday, January 16, 2014

How long is it going to take Rachel Maddow to admit she’s a liar? -- By Christopher Bedford, The Daily Caller

Watch What Happens Live - Season 9. Getty Images.MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow rang in 2014 the same way she spent 2013: Accusing billionaire libertarian Charles Koch of being behind everything she doesn’t like.

And she may as well be unhappy. One of Koch’s favorite organizations, Americans for Prosperity, has “staggered Democrats” and their supporters, spending $20 million tying vulnerable politicians to their unpopular Obamacare law.

This time, however, Maddow accused Koch of supporting a welfare drug-testing campaign in Florida. And on this, she was wrong. And she’s been shown to be wrong. But a full two weeks on, it’s safe to say Maddow has no intention to correct the record. Instead, the night after she first made her charge, she doubled down.

But in the days that followed, The Washington Post, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Tampa Bay Times, the Florida Justice Institute and Politico – hardly supporters of Koch-style libertarianism — cast more than a little doubt on Ms. Maddow’s charge.

Maddow’s theory is that over the last decade, Koch has donated $40,000 to the State Policy Network, which counts as a member the Florida Foundation for Government Accountability, which at some point supported drug testing for welfare recipients. Therefore, Mr. Koch tried to have welfare recipients drug tested.

By Maddow’s standards, MSNBC co-founder Microsoft is a supporter of drug testing for welfare recipients. Oh, and so is Comcast, because both have also given to the State Policy Network. Yes, that’s the same Comcast that owns Ms. Maddow’s MSNBC through a “shadowy front” known as NBC Universal.

By Maddow’s standards, Washington’s SmithsonianNew York City’s Lincoln CenterTuft University’s  School of Chemical EngineeringThe University of Texas’ Cancer Center and MIT’s Institute for Integrative Cancer Research are shady “Koch-affiliated” institutions.

Some folks were wise to Maddow’s games. One day after her show aired, Koch Industries General Counsel Mark Holden categorically denied the allegation and asked for a correction.

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