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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Michelle Obama: A Queen comes to town -- By Judson Phillips, The Washington Times

(This article appeared in The Washington Times on January 9th, but I am including it today because we think it important for American taxpayers to know the use of their hard-earned dollars.)

Michelle Obama is having a An under-reported story is playing out in Hawaii right now — the story of Michelle Obama and her royal, incredibly luxurious, taxpayer-paid vacation in Hawaii.

As America stays mired in the Great Obama Depression, Michelle Obama acts like a queen, sticking it in the eye of unemployed and under-paid Americans. Many of them are out of work thanks to her husband’s policies, his signature program, and the failed policies of socialism.

Michelle Obama is staying at the Hawaii home of Oprah Winfrey for a few days without her husband and children. This is not simply the vacation of a private citizen. Because she is the First Lady of the United States — FLOTUS — her vacations cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. Because she is a queen, she considers that cost her just due.

In Hawaii, security zones have been set up around the Winfrey estate. Residents and business owners are being inconvenienced to an exceptional degree. Security checkpoints have kept customers and vendors away from businesses, effectively shutting them down. But the people who are hurt are little people, nobodies. Who cares what happends to them as long as Michelle Antoinette gets her vacation?

In 2011, The Mail Online, a British newspaper reported that Michelle’s vacations over the space of one year alone had cost the American taxpayer over $10 million. Her royal holiday excursion in Hawaii will cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands more in direct costs. The indirect costs to local businesses may be large, even catastrophic to those involved, but to Michelle, they are inconsequential.

The cost of security alone will be large. The Secret Service, citing security concerns, will not release the exact cost of protecting the Obamas on any of their excursions.

There is the cost of the protective detail, plus their housing. There are the costs of the armored vehicles Michelle and her entourage ride around in. Those have to be transported by Air Force planes. There is the local cost for police services, which the federal government may or may not reimburse the local government for.

And then there is Michelle’s triumphal return to Washington to celebrate her birthday, to which this vacation is but the first act. President Obama will send an Air Force plane for her. It will probably be a C-32A. The C-32 is the Air Force version of a 757. The “ownership” cost per flight hour is reported by the Air Force as $42,936, though the operating cost per hour is estimated at only $7,000. Given that the flight to and from Hawaii is 10 to 12 hours each way, the flight time alone will cost the taxpayers over $150,000.

The Obamas are the perfect socialists. Socialists are the same everywhere. They talk about how much they want to help the poor, then when they get into power, they live like royalty at the expense of the taxpayers.

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