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Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Post from Ukraine

The multiple policemen are shut by another Ukrainian army group “Alpha SBU” active in Ukraine now against the peaceful protesters, when they are doing this actions look like anti government protesters did it. They are provo
king the “blood bad” against the anti government peaceful protesters. Janykovich (pres. Of Ukraine) provoked a lot of “blood bad” at the past 3month, tortured the peaceful people, using professional torturing techniques against men, women, students.... There are still thousands of people coming to Kyiv to help the peaceful protesters and looking for the possibilities defending themselves any way... 

The entrance in Kyiv is blocked by the police ordered by “president” of Ukraine. People can’t bring any sources to defend themselves. They are fighting with “naked hands”: self made -primitive things: sticks, cobbles stones, whitch they took from the street, self-made “cocktails”. When the “police- Berkyt”, “Alfa”, Russian police, whitch was also identified there, standing with professional guns, EVEN KALASHNIKOVS and there are professional SHARPSHOOTERs active now at this moment at the centrum of Kyiv!!! And even after that “hell” Ukrainian “president” says that these peaceful people did it themselves, even on the international television told his “condolences” about the events last days in Ukraine. He dares to call Ukrainian peaceful people the “provocators”, “extrimists”. Don't believe any word of Janykovich or his people or Poetin'''''''s, it's all well connected 'sick and very abusive circulation'
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