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Friday, February 14, 2014

Afghan High Peace Council spokesman says US 'martyred' bin Laden -- By Bill Roggio, The Long War Journal, Threat Matrix

altJust when you thought relations between the US and Afghan governments couldn't sink any lower, along comes the spokesman for Afghanistan's High Peace Council, who blames the US for insecurity in Afghanistan and praises Osama bin Laden. From TOLONews:
"The US is selfish and arrogant and says that no one can stand before her technology," Maulavi Shazada Shahid said. "The US acts in a manner that it can do whatever it wants, or influence someone, it thinks always to establish a system and change a regime, but these approaches pursued by the US have led to insecurity in the region," he continued.
"The US committed crimes in Iraq, the US came under the pretext of Osama, you [the US] martyred Osama and yet you are still here."
Sadly, this shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Previously, the High Peace Council has lobbied for the release of four senior Taliban commanders with close ties to al Qaeda who are currently being held at Guantanamo Bay. [See LWJ report, Taliban seek freedom for dangerous Guantanamo detainees.]
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