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Friday, February 14, 2014

IRS 'trusted partner' joined at hip with La Raza -- By Aaron Klein, WND

The Urban Institute, the IRS’ “trusted partner” for small nonprofit organizations to publicly disclose their financial information, has itself partnered with the radical National Council of La Raza, an open-borders advocacy group pushing immigration reform.

Earlier this week, WND broke the story that the IRS is officially directing all U.S. nonprofits whose annual gross receipts are $50,000 or less to file their annual financial information electronically with the liberal Urban Institute.

The institute collects what is known as Form 990, which provides the public with financial information about the organization. The form, called the e-Postcard in its electronic online format, is also utilized by the government to keep up-to-date with non-profits and prevent such organizations from abusing their tax-exempt status.

Now WND has learned the Urban Institute lists the National Council of La Raza as one of its “sponsors and partners.”

In 2007, La Raza commissioned the Urban Institute to carry out a study of how the children of illegal aliens were impacted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids.

The institute’s findings were released in a 109-page Oct. 31, 2007, report titled “Paying the Price: The Impact of Immigration Raids on America’s Children.”

The cover of the full report featured an image of a terrified, crying Hispanic-looking girl.

The institute and La Raza held a joint press conference at the National Press Club to discuss the findings of the report.

Regarding the children of illegal aliens, the commissioned report concluded increased ICE enforcement has “put these children at risk of family separation, economic hardship, and psychological trauma.”
Having an “undocumented worker” parent arrested caused the children to experience “feelings of abandonment and showed symptoms of emotional trauma, psychological duress, and mental health problems,” the report found.

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