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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Liberals vs. the IRS -- Review & Outlook, The Wall Street Journal

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Even the left doesn't want the tax man regulating speech.

The media have remained quiet about the IRS targeting of conservative nonprofit groups and even quieter about the proposed IRS rule to restrict their political speech. Maybe our colleagues will snap out of their slumber now that the objections are coming from liberals. 

The comment period for the new IRS political-speech rule is open until Feb. 27, but already there have been more than 69,000 comments, the majority negative. That's far more than the normal reaction to a new regulation—only 7,353 comments on the Keystone XL pipeline, according to Regulations.gov—and it shows how much anger and concern the rule has generated across the political spectrum. 

Consider some highlights. In a 26-page comment that can fairly be called blistering, the American Civil Liberties Union says the rule "will produce the same structural issues at the IRS that led to the use of inappropriate criteria in the selection of various charitable and social welfare groups for undue scrutiny." Read: Same as targeting the tea party.

Social-welfare outfits should be able to criticize candidates freely, the ACLU writes, because that kind of advocacy is "at the heart of our representative democracy. To the extent it influences voting, it does so by promoting an informed citizenry."
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