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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Michelle Obama’s State Dinner Dress Worth More Than Year’s Income At Poverty Line -- PatDollard.com, Capitol City Project

Obama and his kid bookExcerpted from Capitol City Project: In a CNN segment, first reported on by The Weekly Standard, Sally Quinn estimated that the dress Michelle Obama wore to last night’s extravagant state dinner may have cost “around $12,000.” While Sally Quinn cautioned that the estimate was “just my guess” host Erin Burnett cut in to say “I bet that’s an informed guess.” If Quinn’s estimate is correct that puts the price of the first lady’s dress at more than an entire year’s income at the poverty line.

michelle obama blue dressAccording to the Census Bureau, the 2013 poverty line, or poverty threshold, for single person households is $11,646.

While the poverty line is different for families of different sizes and fluctuates from year to year, the last Census estimate placed the number of people in poverty at well over 46 million. They reported that the poverty rate is at 15% which is 2.5 percentage points higher than 2007. Keep Reading

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