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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Obama’s budget blueprint dead on arrival -- President submits spending blueprint deserving burial without ceremony -- Editorial, The Washington Timex

House Speaker John A. Boehner's got a problem. With great fanfare, President Obama delivered his fiscal 2015 budget to Congress on Tuesday, but "global warming" has the grounds around the Capitol frozen as hard as concrete. Mr. Boehner and the House have nowhere to bury the president's budget.

Republicans have given up the fiscal fight, but they're not quite irresponsible enough to approve a spending blueprint that adds another $8 trillion in borrowing over the next decade to the $17.5 trillion in existing debt.

Mr. Obama will leave Washington for a luxurious retirement in Hawaii on Jan. 20, 2017, a little less than three years from now. Before he goes, he's asking for a 24 percent increase in spending over last year.

Over the course of a decade, it adds up to a 71 percent boost in expenditures. It's not enough for the government to spend $3.5 trillion a year. Mr. Obama wants to spend $5.9 trillion.

The White House apparently thinks the government is doing such a swell job that it's entitled to a greater share of everyone's money. "Our budget is about choices," the president says. "It's about our values."

This administration thinks business must sacrifice itself so that the government can thrive. Where's the value in that?

The Obama budget celebrates government as the source of prosperity. Need a baby sitter? The Obama budget will "pay for child care." Worried that Social Security won't be enough? Mr. Obama will invest money for you with a new myRA account that loses money over the years.

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