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Thursday, March 20, 2014

U.S. infuriated by Israeli defense minister’s comments -- By Ashish Kumar Sen, The Washington Times

The Obama administration is seething at criticism from Israel's defense minister who this week accused the U.S. of showing "weakness" around the world.

Secretary of State John F. Kerry protested Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon's comments in a phone call to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki described Mr. Yaalon's remarks as "not constructive" and said Mr. Kerry "has a tough skin … but did feel it was important to express his concern about the comments."
She declined to characterize Mr. Netanyahu's response to the call.

In a speech at Tel Aviv University on Monday, Mr. Yaalon accused Washington of showing weakness around the world.

In remarks reported by Israel's Haaretz newspaper, he cited "disappointment" with the U.S. among Sunni rebels battling to topple Bashar Assad's government in Syria, and a similar sentiment in Singapore where he "heard disappointment about China getting stronger and the U.S. getting weaker."

He also cited developments in Ukraine, where Russia has annexed the Crimean Peninsula despite Western warnings, and said the U.S. "is demonstrating weakness, unfortunately."

Mr. Yaalon took a swipe at the Obama administration's tendency to lead from behind on global challenges.

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