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Monday, March 3, 2014

Why Keynesian Political Economy Is Theft -- Via Monty Pelerin's World blog, Posted on Zero Hedge

The plague of our time is Keynesian economics. It has destroyed the economics profession and enabled the political class to obtain powers never intended.

Keynesian economics provided the intellectual cover for the criminal class we politely call “government” to plunder its citizenry. In the beginning, clear-thinking, independent economists (not dependent on government largess) expressed objections to this “new economics.” There was little new in Keynes’ work and many errors that had been debunked decades before Keynes was even born. Bastiat’s parable of the “broken window” in 1850 is probably the best-known refutation, although similar arguments preceded Bastiat by a century or more.

In the 1930s leaders were desperate and willing to try anything. Keynes General Theory was published in 1936, during the middle of the greatest depression the world had ever experienced. Politicians, more so than economists, welcomed his ideas as a new approach.


One must also marvel at the continuation and acceleration of the ruinous policies. Whether Buchanan and Wagner imagined things could go on for so long and to such an extent is not known. However, to appreciate these changes, this graph from Zerohedge shows the effects of Keynesianism and what it has done to governments around the world:
keynesian legacy
The deterioration in fiscal discipline was astounding and in line what they predicted.
As this false economic theology known as Keynesianism runs its course, the following conclusions are probable:
  • Regardless of whether this generation escapes or not, we have impoverished our children and grandchildren.
  • Politicians now control most of the economy, including what passes for acceptable economics.
  • No honest economist can work for government; nor would one want to.
  • The tipping point for reversing this condition has long past.
  • Politicians have no incentive to stop the process underway.
  • Markets (and perhaps societies and governments) will eventually collapse, ending this terrible period of economic madness.
When this flawed paradigm is finally exhausted, the world may enter a better place in terms of economics and limited government. Without this shift, poverty and misery will grow along with wars used as political diversions.
One can only hope that the world avoids an Economic Dark Age when the collapse occurs. (Click link below to read more)
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