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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

5000 legal students in Florida to lose their tuition to illegals -- By Allenbwest.com

Everyone talks about the American Dream but are we purposefully ruining it for American kids? I always find it interesting how liberal progressives use oxymoronic labels for their legislative proposals. Take for example the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” or how about the “Consumer Finance and Protection Bureau?” This particular story refers to the “Dream Act” which seeks to provide opportunities to illegal immigrant children that the liberal progressives so warmly renamed as “dreamers” — heck, I’m a dreamer, and I’m dreaming that President Obama would just walk out of the White House.

My friend and fellow retired Army officer, Dr. Rich Swier, has posted some interesting factoids about enabling the dreams of illegals over the aspirations and dreams of Americans.

Swier writes, “In a report released by Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) the impact of providing College Tuition Subsidy for Illegal Aliens (HB851/SB1400, a.k.a. in-state tuition) will be that approximately 5,000 legal students will be displaced in Florida higher level institutions by illegal alien students. These legislators are unwilling to raise taxes for the additional illegal alien students by expanding capacity so legal students will consequently be displaced.” This means a lot to me because I have one daughter in college in Florida and another who will graduate high school in 2015. What of their dreams?

While the number of displaced legal students and fiscal cost vary slightly between HB851 and SB1400 the estimates are similar:
- HB851 will displace of 5,026 legal students.
- SB1400 will displace 5,175 legal students.
- The fiscal cost of HB851 is estimated at $21.7 million.
- The fiscal cost of SB1400 is estimated at $22.7 million.
The full report is available here.

You see, politicians are quite manipulative in the use of poll-tested verbiage to drive the electorate — we, the people — to their desired outcome. No one wants to feel as though they are taking away someone’s “dream.” However, are our priorities so misaligned that we will sacrifice our own American children for the political gain of these charlatans and usurpers?

I will not, and this is truly a bipartisan issue. As Dr. Swier points out, “While Democrats have consistently supported college tuition subsidy for illegal aliens, only recently has Republican leadership supported the measure. The impetus for Republicans to support the benefit seems to be a distorted belief that Governor Rick Scott’s sagging poll numbers will be bolstered.”

American college students are being saddled with tremendous student loan debt and decreasing viable job opportunities upon graduation. And instead of focusing on them, we’re going to use American taxpayer dollars to get votes? There is no logic in this unless you are a politician focused on winning at any cost, and your highly paid consultant is driving you to believe this is the best means to garner support of certain demographics. Are the days long gone when leaders actually addressed the interests of American citizens? Are we in the era when only collective special interests are considered, and regular schmoes be damned?

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