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Friday, April 11, 2014

Drone Terrorist Laughs At Obama Deportation Rules -- IBD Editorial

Immigration: Thanks to the Obama administration's increasingly lax border policy, a dangerous Moroccan jihadist posing as a college student managed to escape deportation for several years.

El Mehdi Semlali Fahti, 27, managed to stay in the U.S., where he conspired to attack his host country, despite getting busted for overstaying his student visa in 2009 and subsequently getting arrested for trespassing and theft.

Luckily, the feds uncovered his plot to blow up a school and a federal courthouse in Connecticut with a remote-controlled plane rigged with explosives. Only now are they detaining and prosecuting him.
Meanwhile, Obama is looking for new ways to halt deportation, which is at a seven-year low, while letting thousands of Saudis into America on student visas.

Obama last year struck a deal during a White House meeting with the Saudi interior minister to fast-track more Saudi students for U.S. entry. Shockingly, the president agreed to accept Saudis into the Global Entry trusted traveler program, which means he trusts Saudis more than Germans or French — who aren't included.

Saudi visitors now go to the front of the line and skip normal Homeland Security inspections. Even crazier, our agents will share prescreening duties with Saudis.

This opens the floodgates to thousands of young Saudi men who will be able to stay legally in America for five years on student and vocational visas. And they won't be monitored while they're here. The feds stopped doing that years ago after the Saudi Embassy protested.

Jihadists among the new Saudi entrants can test our flight security or build their own drone bombs while pretending to go to college, just like Fahti.

In another scary trend, the president is rubber-stamping Muslim immigrants with asylum claims from Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Egypt (while denying them for Coptic Christians persecuted in Muslim countries).

That's how Fahti pulled off his scam — by claiming political asylum. In his application, he lied about being "beaten savagely" for joining a protest at a Moroccan university he never attended.

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