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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Eich blacklisted by gay-rights McCarthyites -- Gay-rights McCarthyites blacklist traditional marriage -- By Robert Merry, The Washington Times

Brandon Eich witch hunt Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times (Illustration by Greg Groesch, The Washington Times)

No one has a kind word to say about Joe McCarthy these days. The Wisconsin senator from the late 1940s and 1950s is widely viewed as the perpetrator of a very bad "ism'' — the idea that communists and communist-sympathizers should be hounded from their jobs because they represented a threat to society.

Even William F. Buckley Jr., who co-wrote a 1954 book defending McCarthy, offered a far more negative view of the man in his later historical novel about the McCarthy era.

Thus, it may strike some as perplexing that McCarthyism, dressed up in the garb of political correctness, is alive and well in America. Communism isn't viewed as a threat anymore, so it's easy to wax indignant against McCarthy's particular brand of McCarthyism. However, if you happen to harbor traditional views about marriage, a kind that just a few decades ago was nearly universally held throughout Western society, the neo-McCarthyites will likely come after you.

That's what happened to Brendan Eich shortly after he was named the new CEO of Mozilla, the Silicon Valley company that created the Firefrox Web browser and other innovative software products.

It turns out that he contributed money to a 2008 California ballot initiative that banned homosexual marriage. He wasn't alone in supporting the measure: It passed with 52 percent of the vote (but later was struck down by a federal court). Now, six years later, his support is viewed as political apostasy, and it seems that his company — like Hollywood during the notorious "blacklist'' period — cut him loose to fend for himself.

The political effort to protect the old definition of marriage in society has become a losing proposition. Americans' majority support for homosexual marriage is largely a settled matter. Hence, it would seem natural to regard these beleaguered traditionalists in a light of poignancy. But the homosexual-rights McCarthyites, like their methodological forebear, are out to destroy careers.

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