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Friday, April 18, 2014

Obama: Military options 'not on the table in Ukraine' -- By Susan Crabtree, The Washington Examiner

A masked gunman guards combat vehicles with Russian, Donetsk Republic and Ukrainian paratroopers, flags and gunmen on top, parked in downtown of Slovyansk. (AP/Sergei Grits)President Obama stated clearly that the U.S. is not considering arming or providing lethal aid to Ukraine to defend its sovereignty against pro-Russian forces.

“I've been very clear that military options are not on the table in Ukraine because this is not a situation that would be amenable to a military solution,” he told reporters Thursday afternoon during a White House press conference.

Obama made the statement in response to questions on whether the U.S. was considering providing any arms to Ukraine.

The president said he hoped Russia will abide by an agreement struck Thursday in Geneva between Russian, Ukrainian, U.S. and European officials. The goal of that preliminary deal, Obama said, is to have pro-Russian “irregular forces” that are active in Ukraine disarm and stop seizing government buildings and territory so Kiev can move forward with elections and “start getting their economic house in order.”

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