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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Obama taunts GOP, takes televised victory lap on Obamacare -- By Tom Howell Jr., The Washington Times

With the number of enrollees in Obamacare exchanges surging past 8 million, President Obama took a televised victory lap Thursday, saying his signature law is an economic success and is popular enough to survive congressional Republicans' political attacks heading into the November elections.

Mr. Obama said the economics underpinning the Affordable Care Act are beginning to work, driving down the costs of premiums for private health care plans and cutting costs to the federal government for Medicare and Obamacare subsidies. The president also said 35 percent of the people receiving coverage in the exchanges are younger than 35.

"This thing is working," he said at a hastily called press conference designed to tout the Obamacare numbers and to explain the latest developments in Ukraine.

The 8 million enrollment number marks a major success for Mr. Obama, who scrambled six months ago after computer glitches nearly left the system stillborn. But the president nursed Obamacare with a series of delays and extensions — many of which Republicans said were illegal — and easily surpassed the initial target of 7 million sign-ups.

Beneath the enrollment numbers, though, are plenty of questions.

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