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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Seriously does anyone really believe Obama’s pronouncements regarding Benghazi? -- By Allen West

chris-stevens-being-carriedPresident Barack Obama stood today in the Rose Garden and did his best “end zone dance,” spiking the ball and all. His antics however drew a penalty flag not just for immature showmanship, but for lack of credibility. The proprietor of the 2013 Lie of the Year and three of the top six Washington Post Pinocchio awards in 2013 fails to realize — beyond his loyal acolytes — no one is listening. Obama is a man with no, and I mean zip, zero, credibility. And a revelation today just put a torpedo into the listing USS Obama regarding Benghazi. Not that it’s any surprise.

According to a report by the Washington Times, “Before the Obama administration gave an inaccurate narrative on national television that the Benghazi attacks grew from an anti-American protest, the CIA’s station chief in Libya pointedly told his superiors in Washington that no such demonstration occurred, documents and interviews with current and former intelligence officials show. The attack was “not an escalation of protests,” the station chief wrote to then-Deputy CIA Director Michael J. Morell in an email dated Sept. 15, 2012 — a full day before the White House sent Susan E. Rice to several Sunday talk shows to disseminate talking points claiming that the Benghazi attack began as a protest over an anti-Islam video.”

Morell is scheduled to testify before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence tomorrow on Capitol Hill. This new revelation certainly brings back to the forefront a question of integrity from the White House about the September 11, 2012 attack that resulted in the death of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens – the first event of this magnitude since President Jimmy Carter.

I find it impossible to believe anything that comes out of the Obama administration — noted by many as the most secretive presidential administrations. It’s just so 1984 here in 2014.

There are countless unanswered questions about Benghazi, which the White House continues to stonewall – just imagine how a Republican administration would be hounded mercilessly by Democrats.

To me, the preeminent unanswered question revolves around the talking points used by Ms. Rice, then-U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Were they written by a CIA that ignored the assessment by its own station chief inside Libya? If so, it has emerged as one of the major bones of contention in the nearly two years of political fireworks and congressional investigations into the Benghazi attack.
Mr. Taylor reports that, “a former intelligence official told The Times that Mr. Morell did tell the White House and the State Department that the CIA station chief in Libya had concluded that there was no protest but senior Obama administration and CIA officials in Washington ignored the assessment.”

Multiple sources confirmed to The Times on Monday that the station chief’s email to Mr. Morell was written after one of the teleconferences during which senior CIA officials in Washington — Mr. Morell among them — made clear to the Tripoli station chief that they were examining alternative information that suggested there was a protest before the attack.

After the exchange, Mr. Morell signed off on the CIA talking points given to Ms. Rice promoting what turned out to be the false narrative of a protest.

Apparently, what transpired regarding Benghazi is that the Obama administration made a conscious choice between the truth and the political excuse, a scapegoat. Obviously, the last thing Barack Obama wanted surfacing two months before the 2012 election was a terrorist attack emanating from the country against which he’d just used American firepower to destabilize. Benghazi did not fit into the campaign narrative that al-Qaida was on the run and decimated — hard to sell that line with a dead Ambassador and abandoned US Navy SEALS. So it seems the administration chose to promote an unconfirmed media report about a demonstration, fully knowing it was false.

So, how many of you believe anything emanating from the mouth of Barack Hussein Obama?

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