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Saturday, April 5, 2014

South Korea finds hundreds of images of its presidential palace and disputed islands on crashed North Korean drones -- by Damien Gayle, DailyMail.co.uk

North Korean drone photosHundreds of pictures of the South Korean president's compound have been found on a rudimentary drone apparently operated by the North Korean military, officials claim.

Security has been stepped up at the Blue House in Seoul, the official residence of current President Park Guen-hye and location of a 1968 assassination attempt by Pyongyang against the then South Korean leader, since the discovery.

The unmanned aerial vehicle was one of two which crashed on South Korean soil in the past fortnight, sparking fears that the Kim dictatorship could adapt the technology for terror attacks.

One crashed in Paju, a city near the border with North Korea, on March 24. The other crashed Monday on the island of Baengnyeong. 

Looking more like hobbyists' remote controlled aeroplanes and equipped with cameras available on the Internet for just a few hundred pounds, the captured drones were basic, at best, South Korean experts said.

But their discovery has prompted fears that South Korea's air defences are not up to the job of securing the country's airspace in the new era of drone warfare.

'Our government and military were not aware of the flight of the drone even when it was on a potentially dangerous mission,' the mass-circulation JoongAng Ilbo newspaper bellowed in an editorial. 

'The drones' technology is not so impressive, but it could be used for terror if improved - either for a kamikaze attack or an attack with biological or chemical weapons.'

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