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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Benghazi and the Media's 'Republicans Seized" Syndrome -- By Stanley Kurtz, National Review

Obama laughing Republicans apparently have a penchant for seizing on things. No need to worry about the Obama administration making mistakes or covering up scandals. The more serious danger facing our republic is the GOP’s continual attempts to “seize on” trivialities in an effort to embarrass the Obama administration, stuff like health-care exchanges with a couple of glitches or e-mails that only a partisan conspiracy theorist would take as evidence of a cover-up.

This report from McClatchy runs on for almost its entire length trying to convince readers that the Benghazi story is little more than a Republican political ploy. Only toward the very end does it mention the previously withheld White House e-mail that so many Republicans have “seized” upon. McClatchy provides no clear explanation of why that e-mail might raise legitimate concerns.

Today’s New York Times buries its story on Speaker Boehner’s decision to create a select committee on Benghazi on page 11, a masterpiece of the “Republicans seized” genre. I don’t recall the Times previously discussing the phrase “mainstream news media.” Here it cleverly uses the claim that mainstream outlets are ignoring the Benghazi story to dismiss the whole issue as a conservative political gambit.

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