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Friday, May 2, 2014

Job Corps used debit cards for clothes, phones, not travel -- By Philip Swarts, The Washington Times

Since 1964, the Job Corps has spent millions of dollars providing education and vocational training to the nation's youth.

And since 2011, federal employees and the students they're training have been using that money to pay for cellphone bills, trips to the hairdressers, clothing, electronics and other personal expenses.

It's all thanks to prepaid debit cards the government provides to students to help them pay for tickets and baggage fees while traveling to official Job Corps events. But the cards are being abused for personal gain, according to a report released Tuesday by the Labor Department's inspector general.

"Debit card abuse is unfortunately not an unusual event in the federal government," said Tom Schatz, president of watchdog group Citizens Against Government Waste. "The problem is always caused by the same lack of internal controls."

That lack of oversight, according to the IG's report, included the fact that no one was checking the card receipts to make sure purchases were allowable.

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