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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Judicial Watch Continues to Battle Los Angeles Over Regulation for Illegal Alien Drivers -- By Judicial Watch

Tomas Venancio, 47, right, joins others at a news conference at La Placita Olvera in downtown Los Angeles to announce community actions to push for driver's licenses for illegal immigrants in California.Want to get a sense of the ridiculous lengths to which leftist lobbyists (led by the ACLU) want to go to coddle illegal alien lawbreakers? Look no further than their support of an unlawful Los Angeles Police Department regulation known as Special Order 7.

Special Order 7 is an LAPD regulation requiring vehicles driven by unlicensed drivers – the vast majority of whom are illegal aliens – to be released instead of impounded for 30-days. Because, well, why shouldn’t an unlicensed illegal alien be granted permission by the police to continue to break the law and threaten public safety? (That’s the twisted reasoning of the Left on this issue.)

Well, JW filed a taxpayer lawsuit challenging this nonsensical and dangerous regulation and achieved a major victory when the California Superior court ruled in August 2013 that Special Order 7 violated the California Constitution and the California Vehicle Code.

As you might expect, however, this ruling did not sit well with the ACLU. After an intense lobbying campaign by the ACLU and its allies in the illegal alien community, the City of Los Angeles appealed. This week, we filed our answer.

As we point out, under Section 14602.6 of the California Vehicle Code, officers are given the discretion to arrest a driver and impound his or her vehicle for 30 days if the driver has never been issued a license or is driving on a suspended or revoked license.

Under Section 14607.6, officers are required to impound a vehicle if a driver is unlicensed or driving on a suspended or revoked license and has a history of unlawful driving. Special Order 7 “has re-written laws enacted by the Legislature,” according to Judicial Watch’s answer brief, making the LAPD regulation “unlawful, ultra vires, and void.”

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