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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Obama to go on Fundraising Tear this Week -- By Keith Koffler, WhiteHouseDossier

barack-obama-smilingPresident Obama, whose main role these days seems to be raising money for Democrats, will be jetting out to California Wednesday to lighten the wallets of some of the wealthy Democrats commonly found in the state.

He lands in Los Angeles, where he will participate in a combined fundraising event for House and Senate Democrats. Then on Thursday things get really serious with FOUR fundraisers in a day. The first will be for the Democratic National Committee in Los Angeles, the second in San Diego for House Democrats, and then it’s on to San Jose for two more DNC events.

Two “official” events ensure that taxpayers will be footing much of the bill, one a Wednesday dinner related to the Holocaust and the other an energy-related event in San Jose Friday.

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